Debord Films

February 4, 2013

I’ve just finished re-subtitling two of Debord’s early films, which include some additional info excluded of other versions online, as well as much better readability. Enjoy!


3 Responses to “Debord Films”

  1. SW said

    Nice to see new renderings of Debord’s early films. Many thanks for that. I wonder if we will ever see English subtitles for Debord’s final (with Brigitte Cornand), ‘Guy Debord, son art et son temps’?

    • heath said

      Thanks! Yes, It’d be nice to see son art et son temps – I’ve never been able to find it anywhere. In girum still isn’t subtitled in English, either, unfortunately. Surprising, given the seemingly rising attention on Debord’s films.

  2. SW said

    There are copies of the French version of son art et son temps (ripped from the French DVD) around. Get in touch with me if you need a copy. Also, subtitles for In girum have been done, see Unfortunately, they just translate Debord’s voiceover.

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