2001 Film by The Imaginary Party aka Tiqqun, with accompanying script below.

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to the lost children:

[Long sequence of multiple people dining at a cafe sitting on the same bar stool facing the street through a diner window. Each person is filmed from outside, unaware of the cameraperson.]

Voice 1 (masculine):

The great social body of Empire, the great big social body of Empire, which is like an enormous round jellyfish beached on all the roundness of the earth… …is implanted with electrodes.

Hundreds, thousands… such an unbelievable number of electrodes, and such a variety of different types that they don’t even seem like electrodes. There’s the TV electrode, of course, but there’s also the money electrode, the pharmaceutical electrode, and the Jeune-Fille electrode. With those thousands and millions of electrodes, so many kinds that I can’t even count them, they manage the dull encephalogram of the imperial metropolis. It’s through these mostly imperceptible channels, that they transmit, second by second, the information, the mental states, the affects and the counter-affects that prolong our universal sleep. Not to mention all the receptors that are attached to the electrodes. The journalists, sociologists, cops, intellectuals, professors and other agents who… incomprehensibly…  have been delegated with the task of supervising the activity of the electrodes. Read the rest of this entry »