The ever wonderful Ubuweb has managed to wrangle some pdfs of original SI publications. In French, but great to get a sense of layout and how the SI used imagery, something entirely lost in Knabb’s Anthology.


I’ve finally finished my re-working of Debord’s film. Might be of interest to readers.

Situationist Library

March 5, 2013

Debord Films

February 4, 2013

I’ve just finished re-subtitling two of Debord’s early films, which include some additional info excluded of other versions online, as well as much better readability. Enjoy!


SI Film

August 7, 2012

Hi All,

I wanted to pass along a new site I’ve spent a few days putting together: Situationist Film.

If you follow this site you know I have been (ever so slowly) trying to finish my remake of Debord’s film version of The Society of the Spectacle, and in researching past works of the SI and related groups like the Lettrists, I’ve decided to try and archive some of that research.  The site is in process, but I think fills a hole in the numerous sites dedicated to the SI in English.

On a related note, I’ve migrated the previous post into a page on this site, which I’ll continue to update as I discover new texts and attempt to make it as comprehensive of a SI related library as possible, since most archives are dedicated to only SI texts, and not works on or influenced by SI. That page can be viewed here.

Revisiting the Situationists

January 29, 2012

I’ve been working on re-working Guy Debord’s 1973 film version of The Society of the Spectacle, (more to come)

And for some additional fun, I’ve put together several texts about the Situationists, as well as some other peripheral texts about May 68 and the Lettrists that you might enjoy! I know I will. Thanks to aaaaarg for most these great finds!

Situationist Inernational Online

Situationist International Anthology (BOP)

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